About Us

HAVEN ON THE BANKS KEEPERS GALLEY WEDDINGS CORPORATE EVENTS REUNIONS NAGS HEAD NC NORTH CAROLINA VACATION RENTAL BEACH VENUEWe are your hosts, Tara and Gerry. We married in 2016, with both of us bringing together children from previous marriages. Our blended family includes Gerry’s Megan and Chelsea, as well as Tara’s Morgan and Shane. We certainly can’t leave out Steadman (Megan’s husband) and our first grandbaby, sweet Wyatt! We are blessed beyond measure with these awesome, successful young adults!

Since we were starting out for the first time together, we wanted a project – something we could tackle together, something we could create, and something that would hopefully make a difference to our community. So we went on a bike ride…

One pleasant Sunday afternoon, we rode our bikes down the beach road and noticed several tents set up. We soon learned there were at least six beach weddings in progress! This made perfect sense given the Outer Banks is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the country. We knew exactly what project we could do together. Haven on the Banks was born!

With the help of Gerry’s real estate experience, we negotiated contracts and permits until we had purchased enough land for our cottages and Keeper’s Galley, our fully equipped event center. We could now offer a one stop shop for bride and groom along with their family and friends. No other location in the area would come close to offering the style and amenities we would provide to you.

The Dream

No matter the event, we offer the privacy of separate cottages combined with togetherness around a pool and tiki bar. Add in our event center and everything you need is in one spot. Plus, you have easy access to one of the world’s best beaches!

Our dreams have come to life so quickly we can hardly believe it. We also know our success did not come without the great support of our family and the local community. Haven on the Banks and the Keeper’s Galley is our dream, and it has truly taken a village to bring it to life. We are forever grateful and humbled.

Offering the experience of a lifetime is our goal – for you, your family and your friends. We hope you consider staying with us for your event.

Let us help you create those everlasting and life-long memories!


Your Perfect Event

Mission Statement: Haven on the Banks and Keeper’s Galley have been created to change the way people come together to celebrate, play and work. We are here to provide a unique, special and memorable gathering place that will support and strengthen families, communities and businesses. We are here for you, your family, your friends and your business.

To achieve success, our mission is supported by our commitment to these Core Values:

  • Creativity – Provide a unique, practical and cost-effective experience for our customers; continue to embed imagination and innovation in everything we do
  • Excellence – Pursue superior quality and continuous improvement in everything we do
  • Service – Be responsive, courteous and respectful in every interaction; personalize the experience for our customers; develop relationships and rapport with our customers
  • Community – Cultivate diverse relationships that promote strong partnerships and success for all; seek opportunities to “give back” to the needs of the local community
  • Integrity – Build trust by keeping our promises and acting in a responsible and accountable manner consistent with our mission

With world class lodging, a cutting-edge event center, and the help of seasoned, dedicated event specialists, your occasion is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience. Ready to begin your journey? Click the button below for booking information and see availability and pricing information here.